Incorporated by an act of Congress in 1937, the Marine Corps League perpetuates the traditions and
spirit of ALL Marines who proudly wear or who have worn the eagle, globe and anchor of the Corps.
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Illowa Detachment 102
“Once a Marine
Always a Marine”
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Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
Scholarship Eligibility Requirements and Qualifications
A. Consideration will be given to applicants in the following order:
    1.  Members of the Illowa Detachment, Marine Corps League.
    2.  Any detachment members child, spouse, widow, widower, grandchild, stepchild or     children-in-law of a member of the Illowa Detachment, Marine Corps League.
    3.  Any U.S. Marine assigned to the local I&I staff or Recruiting Station, or members     of the local Rock Island Marine Corps Reserve unit.

B. The Scholarship Committee will be made up of four members, one of which will be the paymaster. The Commandant will attend the meeting for the sole purpose of casting a tie-breaking vote.

C. The scholarship applications should be downloaded from the detachment's website - or obtained from a committee member. All papers are to be returned to the committee NOT LATER than 30 June in order to be considered for the coming school year.

D. The detachment paymaster will notify applicants within 2 weeks of the committee's decision regarding the amount of award and the time and location of the detachment's picnic; where the awards will be presented. The awards are to be NO less that $250. If not notified by 1 August, it means award was not approved.

E. ONLY STUDENTS may download or request the application and they must fill out the application.

F. Applications are good for only 1 year. New applicants will be given first consideration, then renewals will be considered.

G. Proof of acceptance or registration to an accredited college, university, trade, or vocational school must be submitted with the application.

H. One letter of recommendation from a person, other than a family member, must accompany the application. The writer of said letter must have known applicant for a minimum of three years.

I. Awards must be claimed by December 31 of the award year. If not claimed, monies will revert back to the Detachment.

J. The Detachment member MUST be a current member in good standing for at least 1 year before they can sponsor someone for a scholarship or apply for it themselves.

K. All decisions by the scholarship committee are FINAL. There is no appeal process.